Equal Pay in the City of London

In our experience City firms such as investment banks are vulnerable to equal pay claims. Their bonuses account for a large proportion of annual compensation, the processes and criteria for deciding bonuses are often secretive and unclear, those making the decisions are often not trained in discrimination law, the awards are often decided exclusively by men and so all in all it is no surprise that the results are often unfair.

It is also our experience that making a discrimination claim of any sort in the City of London will be stressful and could damage your career. So, we try to help clients mitigate the problems they face if they claim. For instance, one way to reduce the stress is to act together with other women. So, let us know if you want help getting in touch with other women who are interested in claiming against your bank.

Also, bear in mind that it isn’t too late to make a claim if and when you leave. If that’s your strategy, it pays to prepare in advance. Equal pay claims are complicated. Unless you are clear about the evidence you need, gather the evidence before you leave, and act quickly afterwards, it may be difficult to claim later.

If you work in the City and have an equal pay claim, Tim Johnson / Law, Solicitors, can help.

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